We warmly invite you to our new apartments located in the very heart of historical Wrocław, only 100 meters away from the extraordinary Old Market, in a popular Galeria Italiana in Więzienna Street. The second to none location, the standard, the size and comfort of the apartments make an ideal stay as well as for tourists, groups, those on business or families with kids. The very spacious apartments (60 to 120 sq m) are equipped with flat sat TVs. Some of them are air conditioned with a living / dining area. The other facilities include a fridge and a kettle and also kitchen with an oven and a microwave. In all apartments there is one or two bathrooms with a shower, a hair dryer and some of them with washing machines. The bed linen, towels and Italian toiletries are also provided as a standard. A few flats have a terrace or a balcony. Down below the apartments you have a choice of a few restaurants from which Il Ristorante Italiano offer our Guests generous 15% off the whole bill and the legendary Tralalala Café awaits with a delicious complimentary sweet treat for all checked-in. We care about the safety and comfort of our Guests by providing a 24-hour reception desk located in the same place.

Mała Italia (Little Italy) Apartments are conveniently located only 5 kms from Wrocław Old Town.

The four-storey building was built in 2013 to a high standard. In the ground floor you will find 24-hour reception desk. The access to the higher floors can be easily reached in a glass elevator. All the common areas are finished with marble floors. Each of the apartments has got either a terrace or a balcony and electric roller-blinds. The building is fenced and secured with monitoring. The size of the apartments range from 36 to 53 sq meters. In all of them there is a bathroom with a shower, a hair dryer and a washing machine. The bed linen, towels and Italian toiletries are provided as a standard.

Our Guests can also use our car park monitored 24 h. The building located off the busy roads in a quiet area can offer good relax and rest and at the same time an easy access to any area of the city.


01. Espresso 6zł/doppio 10zł
02. Espresso Macchiato 6,5zł
03. Espresso Corretto ( with alkohol) 14zł
04. Caffe Americano/Bianco 9zł
05. Latte Macchiato 9zł
06. Cafe Fredo 9zł/Macchiato 11zł
07. Cappuccino 8zł/Grande 10zł
08. Bombardino (with liqueur) 14zł
09. Irish caffe 14zł
10. Hot chocolate 10zł
11. Hot chocolate with whipped cream 12zł
12. Caramel Latte 14zł
13. Raffaello cappuccino 14zł
14. Baileys caffe 15zł
15. Caffe fredo de Lux 15zł
16. Cinnamon Latte 14zł
17. Orange-chocolate latte 14zł
18. Coffee syrup 1zł
19. Black/green Tea 7zł
20. Fruit Tea 8zł
21. Tea with jam/honey and cloves 9zł
22. Hot wine 14zł

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 9:00-23:00
Address: Więzienna 21, 50-118 Wrocław
Phone number: (+48) 71 358 49 42

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 09:00-23:00
Address: Więzienna 21, 50-118 Wrocław
Phone number: (+48) 71 343 25 48